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Hooe Parish Council: The next Council meeting will be on 18th April 2016 at 7.30 pm at the Village Hall

Hooe's publicly accessible defibrillator is situated on the wall of The Red Lion PH. Spread the word!

The Hooe Parish Map above shows the area and roads that are still correct some 300 years later!


Contact the Parish Council :

Clerk: Mrs. Sally Durman  01424 893007  hooepc2@btinternet.com

Chairman: Mr. R Carey 01424 892051

Vice Chairman:  Revd Peter Doodes 01424 892329

Mrs Pam Doodes 01424 892329

Peter Hayward 01424 892009

Robert Pilbeam 01424 844365

Mrs Barbara Strevett 01424 892067

Peter Watson 01424 892107

Tree Warden: David Formby

Footpath Wardens: Gary and Sally Derman


Events in Hooe

21st March: Hooe Parish Council meet in Hooe Village Hall at 7.30pm

2nd April: Clean for the Queen. Meet in The Red Lion Car Park at 9.30am

18th April: Hooe Parish Council meet in Hooe Village Hall at 7.30pm

21st April: Village Beacon Lighting from 7.00pm. All Welcome at The Flag Triangle at the junction of Denbigh Road and the B2059

Every Wednesday: Hooe Line Dancing Social Club meet at 7.30pm in Hooe Village Hall

Bell Ringing at St Oswald's Church Tower, Hooe.  First Saturday in the month 9.30am - 11.30am and the following Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm Third Saturday in the month 9.30am - 11.30am and the following Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm    All welcome 

Further information from Simon Pattisson 01424 845087

Hooe Village Hall 

 is available to hire for your own private functions

Details from:

Barbara Strevett

01424 892067

Why not give

Church Tower Bell Ringing a try?

Simon Pattisson will be delighted to give you more information about the Bell Ringing Team at Hooe Church

Please phone him on 01424 845087



Hooe Line Dancing Social Club

meet every Wednesday at

Hooe Village Hall

7.30pm - 9.30pm

If you would like to join in the fun why not just turn up, pay your £2.00 and see what is on offer

This is a not for profit club.

Further details from Heather Sinden

01424 893422


High Speed Broadband

Please let me know if you have problems with access to or speed of Broadband, as I will continue with my efforts to obtain better Broadband coverage in our area.


 Ragwort Kills!

Please help to eradicate it

This biennial plant, Ragwort, is the most common reason for farm animals being poisened in the UK and is becoming an ever increasing problem in this area. The  rosett, as pictured below, appears in the first year and in the second year flowers in the spring, as pictured above. Each plant can produce up to 150 thousand seeds with a 70% germination rate.

For more information and ways of eradicating / reporting this problem the most straightforeward on-line advice can be found HERE.



In the Cold War period there were buildings over the UK intended to pinpoint any area of a nuclear strike using linked seismology equipment. We have one tucked away in Hooe, the blast / flash protection window shields are still evident.

Are you a dog walker? 

At a recent Hooe Parish Council Meeting a local farmer raised his concerns about dogs being allowed to foul his land. Defra's website was consulted to find out the responsibilities of dog owners.

If a dog owner walks the dog on farmland footpaths it must be kept on a lead at all times, field and footpath, and owners must clean up any excrement.

Dogs carry a parasitical disease in their faeces called Hydatid Disease.   This can easily be passed on to farm animals via their droppings.   The parasite hatches in the intestines in the farm animal and is carried to the various parts of the animal’s body, especially the liver, lung and brain, here they develop into potentially fatal cysts.  

The main countryside rule is that dogs must never worry livestock.   Even if the dog is in the same field as farm animals, the farmer is entitled to kill it if it is assumed to be worrying the animals.

Dog owners must ensure that their dog is under control at all times.


 I am pleased to have been able to provide a publicly accessible defibrillator for Hooe. This was paid for my funds from my Community Dividend

Is is situated on the outside wall of The Red Lion Hooe. Please spread the word about its location


Pictured above is Emma, proprietor of the Hooe Village Farm Shop and Tea rooms with  the Tripadvisor  2015 Certificate of Excellence she has been awarded.

You can visit the Farm Shop website HERE


East Sussex Mobile Library at Hooe

Please note the change of day and time

The Mobile Library now will be calling at Hooe, opposite Denbigh Villas, every third Friday between 10.40 am and 11.10 am.


  Hooe Parish Council 

Have purchased the redundant historic landmark that is the Gilbert Scott Telephone Box in the village and intend to renovate it to its former glory

Don't believe Parish Councillors when they say it is all hard work!  

Hooe Parish Councillor Robert Pilbeam taking time out to enjoy himself

Congratulations Dick!

Extremely pleased that Dick Carey received the Wealden District Council Chairman's Civic Award for services to the community!

Here he is at the Award Ceremony seen with

Chairman Cllr Brian Redman 


Allotment available to rent

Hooe Parish Council has a vacant allotment which is available to let to a Hooe resident

The rent is £40.00 per annum

Further details and any enquiries to

 Cllr Rev'd Peter Doodes

014243 892329 


Anne Bourner giving the story of her life in agriculture at a Hooe History Society meeting

 What isStoolball?

Stoolball is a sport that dates back to at least the 15th century, originating in Sussex. It may be an ancestor of cricket, a game it resembles, baseball, and rounders. Traditionally it was played by milkmaids who used their milking stools as a "wicket". For the link to the Stoolball England Website, please click HERE.

Hooe Airfield

In WW1 there was an airfield in Hooe!

Known as the 'Royal Flying Corps Hooe' the dates of this combined Squadron were between December 1916 and February 1918 

Main units present were No 39 & No 78 Sqn's

This Home Defence squadron was formed for operations against Zeppelins and later Gotha bombers. 39 squadron initially flew with BE2s and from September 1917, Bristol F2Bs while 78 squadron also flew BE2’s and BE12 aircraft.

The airfield was situated where Green Lane (Lower Road) meets the Marsh Road. At the time the present Marsh Road did not exist and the aircraft would have operated from the wide flat area in front of the higher field (opposite Bell House) and the Old Marsh Road. Parish Councillor Robert Pilbeam, who lives in Bell House, and whose family farms this area well remembers a large chalk guidance cross, now rarely visible, being carved in the higher field.

The next meeting of the 

Hooe History Society

Thursday 21st April 2016

at The Flag Triange

Junction of Denbigh Road and the B2095


Lighting the Beacon for the Queen

to celebrate

The Queen's 90th Birthday

followed by a BBQ at

The Red Lion PH

See the Hooe History Society Website HERE.

Hooe Open Group

...... a club profile

 The Hooe Open Group was formed in 2007 out of the Hooe Women's Institute which was having difficulty attracting new members and at the same time losing support from within its ranks.

It was decided to hand in the clubs resignation to WI Head Office, who gave us twelve months to retract our decision. The accumulated funds held by the Club were made over to WI Head Office, leaving the membership without any funds to continue.

A decision was made by a small group of WI members to reform as a low cost ladies social club, headed by long time WI member Edna Wallis. So The Hooe Open Group was formed.  Meeting at the same venue, Hooe Village Hall on the second Friday afternoon of each month at 2.30pm with the exception of August when members go on an outing and December when the Club has its Christmas Lunch.

The Club is thriving with over 40 members.

Annual Membership is an affordable £10.00 plus £1.00 a visit to cover the cost of tea and biscuits and a raffle ticket. Visitors are welcome and are charged just £2.00

Further information from Edna, who would be pleased to hear from you. 01424 842591

Do you remember

Tony and Barbara Rimmer and their children Mark and Paul who lived in Dodson's Stores operating the store itself as well as the Post Office from 1971 - 1975?

Mark and his wife Janet, who now live in Oregon, are planning a visit in the autumn and would be delighted to meet up with anyone who remembers them and receive any information about the time Mark was in the village and the people who live, and/or are  living here who remember the family

Janet can be contacted at



 Celebrity James Bolam

visited the Hooe Farm Shop!

Seen here with Emma and Wartling resident James Braxton May 2014

You can visit the Farm Shop Website HERE

and see their TripAdvisor Feedback HERE.


Dick Carey relaxing with John Newport after giving his talk to

Hooe History Society

Also in the photo are Heather Sinden, Chairman of the Society and Peter Hayward, Treasurer

The Hooe History Society normally meets on the 2nd Thursday on the month at the Hooe Village Hall


Hooe Old Motor Club have their own website

You can log onto it HERE 

 Parish Council Chairman Dick Carey presents the award for the best allotment to a surprised and delighted Nick Wood at the November Parish Council Meeting. 

Hooe Sports FC

If you would like to know more about Hooe Football Club and make a note of their fixtures in your diary please go to their website HERE.

Looking forward to meeting you on the touch line as we support them



 Hooe Sports Club Golf Society

Contact details on contacts page