Ninfield Michaelmas Onion Fair 




The Nin Field Gig 


 This family friendly event was enjoyed by all ages




 Lull before the storm - the doors have just opened

Taking a moment to rest during the difficult task of judging the entries 


Quality of produce and presentation add up to a difficult job for the judges


 Rose Franks, the show organiser at last able to relax with a cup of coffee in the knowledge that her work is well done!




Ready to go!

Ninfield School Leavers Float



The Ninfield Biker Boys entry 

 Robin and Sami

"You may be talking but I'm not listening"


 Discussing arrangements for the Carnival in July


Daffodiles brighten up Lower Street.

 Members of the Parish Council chatting outside the Village Hub at the Ninfield Carnival 2010


Ninfield Allotments 2010

Visitors to the village are always surprised at the high attendance at public meetings

Preparing for the carnival 2010 

 Preferred dress code for the Carnival

 This is the publicly accessible defibrillator situated on the wall of the Kings Arms that I  funded from my Community Dividend. I also gave a grant to The Memorial Hall and The Methodist Church Children's Club

Scenes from the Chestnut Tree House Fund Raising Craft Fair


Ninfield Michaelmas Onion Fair 

 Ninfield Daffodils in bloom

Crafts for Christmas

 in aid of St Michael's Hospice


Memories of The Nin Field Gig  

The music was varied, something for all tastes


Ninfield Horticultural Summer Show 


 A selection of the floral entries


 A beautiful Sunflower - worthy of 1st prize


 Flower Pot man

No relation to Bill and Ben



Ninfield Carnival 2011

Carnival Queen and her Princesses

Rain doesn't dampen the Ninfield Spirit!

Pram Race 2011 

 Julia doing her bit

 Ninfield Carnival Queen 2011



 Preparing for the start  -

 who will get to race?

 Election Day - Happy 18th Birthday Daisy!

Congratulations to Daisy who started her 18th birthday celebrations on May 5th by voting in the District Election.

Roger Kent

Our fondly remembered late

Parish Council Chairman

and Ninfield Champion

who did so much for the village



Chatting after a hard day teaching our young people

Ninfield Carnival - memories of summer

Robin waits all year to dress casually

Ninfield Stocks 1910


Julie Scotcher's Farewell Party

Members of the Patient Involvement Group (PIGs) say farewell to Julie upon her retirement 





Pete Holland


 Judges taking place

 Barbara and John Strevett from Hooe

enjoying the show


A small selection of the high class entries 


 It is not surprising the judges needed so long to

judge in the morning






You will come to the Ninfield Bonfire!

Pam always finds someone to talk to!





 What is it about men and BBQ's?

The Chairman of the Parish Council hatching up a plot with her husband? 

Ninfield Village Society try to over hear 

 More entries for the Pram Race


The High Street comes alive in the spring. 

There is always a warm welcome from Chris at the village stores


 Some of the Christian Women's Fellowship members at the St Michael's Hospice presentation


One of the many groups that meet in Ninfield

Our late Village Voice - Cynthia Pettet