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Parish Chairman Keith Stevens, Vice Chairman Richard Lawrence (R) and Web Master Andrew Holbrook (L) collecting email addresses for the Parish Website 

Some of the many residents who attend Parish Council meetings 

 Having called into The Lamb, a group of Cowboys and Indians at a Hen Party decided to investigate the historic telephone box in Wartling

The Lamb Inn at Wartling.

The Church of St. Mary Magdalen Wartling.

 Community Spirit in Wartling!

The local community minded Wartling residents pictured above responded in large numbers to the Parish Council's invitation to take advantage of a road closure through the village in order to clear the road of litter and rubbish. The brunch was provided by Wartling Place B&B and lunch by The Lamb Inn Wartling

St Mary's Church Wartling 

Wartling Parish Council during 2011 

Graeme Bower Parish Clerk until July 2011

Thank you for all you did for Wartling Graeme


Waiting for the Parish Council meeting to commence 

Alternative use for Gilbert Scott telephone box 

Obviously this was an extremely interesting telephone box and so everyone wanted to take a look 



A fine example of a Sussex Fingerpost, this one in the centre of Wartling.

The Reid Hall Boreham Street.


 After being damaged by a lorry                 the Wartling Phone Box is again in    one piece!

Contentment at The Bull's Head

Advertising the new website 

Councillor Chris Patterson

Wartling Parish Councillors are always pleased to hear the concerns of residents


A total of eight Cowboys and Indians were able to squeeze into the box at the same time.   Possibly a record for the Wartling Box? 

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott

Wartling's historic red telephone box designed by a local (Ninfield) resident, architech Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. I believe a member of his family lives in Wartling.

These telephone boxes are still a familiar site on the streets of the UK, Bermuda, Malta, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands.

Other examples of his work are Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, London's Battersea Power Station and the Bankside Power Station; now the Tate Modern. For more information about him, click HERE.


The Herstmonceux (Wartling) Observatory .  For their website click HERE.


 Do you have photographs of Wartling events that you would be prepared to share?

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